My church White’s Chapel UMC did a sermon series on “Sowing Wild Oats.” The definition of wild oats is to do something wild and foolish–usually during youth.The next sermon series is named “Dream”. We were encouraged to follow our dreams and that nothing is impossible with God.

Decerning the difference between “dreaming” and “sowing wild oats” is not always easy. I began thinking about Eddie Murphy in the movie, Coming to America. Eddie was a wealthy prince. He has a palace, servants, and was heir to the throne of Zumanda. His parents arranged a marriage for him with a beautiful woman. To the outsider—he had it all. Deep inside of his being he knew there was something missing and  left Zumanda to go to New York City to “sow his royal oats”. Yes he did wild and foolish things—yet in the end it turns out he was following his dream.

God places dreams in our hearts. Society, family, friends, and even church pressure us to live a certain way. What looks safe and acceptable to those around us are often cause dreams to die. The difference between dreams and oat sewing is knowing THE ONE who placed those dreams in our hearts. Seek God first!