This lent  I am going straight to the word—no studies —no devotional!. Before I start reading the Bible —I have decided that whatever God tells me to do during this time I will do. Today I was told to do two things. One was to write a letter to a doctor that I have quit seeing after many years. There was no problem with his care—but I had decided to make a change. It has been over a year since my last visit but I did it. It is sitting on my desk and I feel awkward about mailing it—but I will trust it is the right thing to do.

Then He told me to send an organic fruit basket to the office of Dr. Greg Gist in Southlake. He has been my dentist for many years. Last week my mom fell on her face and his office got her right in. Not only did they get her right in—but they took X-rays and examined her with no charge. On the way way home my mom, who is on medicare with no dental insurance, asked me why someone would do that. All I could tell her was that he is a Christian and he wanted to help.

We are called to be obedient. When I do His will I am content. So for this day—His Will Be Done.