23543729_sDear New Bride,

Please know feeding your man is a “Holy Privilege”. It is an intimate act. Preparing wholesome tasty foods fuels the body, soul and mind. A home is different from a house—-men usually do not know how to make a home—that is why women are called “home makers”. Men do not light candles—or arrange furniture —or buy throw pillows. Some men cook (like my son)—but most grill (be sure and get a good grill. )You cannot change men—-you can try, but decades of women will tell you it does no good. Accept what IS—you are marrying a MAN. Men can do dishes—but they will NOT see the crumbs on the countertop. So my advice is to learn to cook and clean the countertop yourself (or get a maid). Contentment is learning to love what you already have——and that is a hungry husband. TRUST ME.

There is nothing worse than coming home from work starving at 7pm and not knowing what is for dinner. (I am a working gal—I know these things.) There is nothing better than walking in the door and smelling a yummy meal!

Cooking is 80% planning and 20% work.You can do this part together.

On Sunday I make up a menu for the week and buy the ingredients. (this is the hard part.)
Cook enough for at least 2 nights when you cook.(I know you said you do not eat leftovers—-but what is the alternative (McDonalds)????
Get a rice cooker—-makes cooking rice and steaming veggies easy
Fill freezer with frozen veggies

My easy favorite crockpot recipes.

Put 1 large carton of mushrooms in bottom of crockpot
put 4 frozen chicken breast on top
cover with Pacific organic Cream of Mushroom soup
Add a pat of butter
cook on low for 8 hours
serve over rice or pasta with a salad

Saute stew meat and onions until brown
Add veggies (you can buy them already cut up at grocery)
add salt pepper and a can of organic peas (for liquid )
cook on low for 8 hours

Put trimmed brisket in crockpot
add one jar of Brothers Bar-B-Q sauce
cook on low for 8 hours
serve with can of beans and salad

One large turkey breast or whole chicken
sprinkle with garlic salt and pepper
cook on low for 8 hours (remove skin—-meat will be very tender)
Serve with veggies and rice

Put a pork tenderloin in crockpot
spread a little orange marmalade on top
garlic salt
cook for 8 hours on low
rinse a large bag of kidney beans and put in crockpot
add chopped onions, and lots of sausage (POLISH will work)
add a tablespoon of cajun seasoning
8 cups water
cook on low for 8 hours
serve with rice and salad
Can of Hatch green chile enchilada sauce
pour over meat of your choice (pork—brisket—chicken)
cook on low for 8 hours (YUMMY)
Serve with canned refried beans and Central Market guacamole
(You can also buy Wholly Guacamole and keep it in your freezer)

STUFFED PEPPERS (My husband’s favorite)
4 green peppers
2 pounds grassfed ground beef (turkey)
1 egg
bread crumbs
garlic salt
1/2 cup rice
Organic tomato bisque soup

Mix meat-egg-crumbs-spices
stuff peppers
put in crockpot and cover with soup -add rice
Cook on low for 8 hours
I have been married 43 years. This is the best advice I can give. It is given in love. Liz