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Seek God first and you dreams will follow!

My church White’s Chapel UMC did a sermon series on “Sowing Wild Oats.” The definition of wild oats is to do something wild and foolish–usually during youth.The next sermon series is named “Dream”. We were encouraged to follow our dreams and that nothing is impossible with God. Decerning the difference between “dreaming” and “sowing wild […]

A letter to my future grandchild

Dear Child of my Child, You are still but a twinkle in your daddy’s eye, yet I pray for you daily. I know God will fill the desire of my heart with a grandchild. I want to love you in such a way that you will know Jesus because of that love. I pray for […]

His will be done…

This lent  I am going straight to the word—no studies —no devotional!. Before I start reading the Bible —I have decided that whatever God tells me to do during this time I will do. Today I was told to do two things. One was to write a letter to a doctor that I have quit […]