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Manna Bags

By Liz Hendricks. My sweet Babycakes did something in her vacation Bible school that I want to share. It is always so hard to know what to do when there is someone on the street corner pan handling . If I give them money they might use it for drugs or alcohol. It is a […]

The First Sunday after Charleston

By Liz Hendricks As I walked into my church this morning I found myself apprehensive. I scanned the crowd looking for any sign of possible danger. This is my sanctuary—this is my place of peace—this is my home. I felt anger welling up in my soul. Not only did Dyllan Roof murder nine saints in […]

Easy Recipes for the new Bride

Dear New Bride, Please know feeding your man is a “Holy Privilege”. It is an intimate act. Preparing wholesome tasty foods fuels the body, soul and mind. A home is different from a house—-men usually do not know how to make a home—that is why women are called “home makers”. Men do not light candles—or […]

I Love being a Mom

By Liz Hendricks When I was a child, and was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up the answer was always the same—— “A MOTHER”. After college, marriage, and a successful career our precious daughter was born followed by two sons. I never looked back. I loved these kids. Of course it […]

The Blessing

by Liz Hendricks It was a beautiful day in February—73 degrees and sunny. There were so many things I would have loved to do after church, but I am committed to visiting my mom in a memory care home on Sunday afternoons——-so I go out of duty—out of honor—out of guilt! Many of the residents […]

Prayer Wall

Our Prayer Wall is a place for us to come in need of God’s love, presence, guidance and divinity.  Please submit your prayers online or at our store.  Blessings to all! We will start with the Lord’s Prayer: Our Father, which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, […]

A prayer for Ebola Patients

Sweet Jesus, I pray for those with ebola–in this country and in every country and for our brave soldiers who have been sent to West Africa to help a desperate situation. Please surround the doctors, nurses, and missionaries with your angels. Be with those doing research and give them the wisdom to find a cure. […]

Seek God first and you dreams will follow!

My church White’s Chapel UMC did a sermon series on “Sowing Wild Oats.” The definition of wild oats is to do something wild and foolish–usually during youth.The next sermon series is named “Dream”. We were encouraged to follow our dreams and that nothing is impossible with God. Decerning the difference between “dreaming” and “sowing wild […]