Dear Child of my Child,

You are still but a twinkle in your daddy’s eye, yet I pray for you daily. I know God will fill the desire of my heart with a grandchild. I want to love you in such a way that you will know Jesus because of that love. I pray for your heart—may it be strong yet soft. I look forward to seeing you smile and hearing that first giggle.

I just know you will love the outdoors. I will teach you to garden and we will watch the birds together. We will read stories and sing songs. I want to be there when you eat your first ice cream cone. I will take you to the beach and Disneyland and buy you adorable little clothes (especially if you are a girl)! But most of all—I just want to love you! LOVE, Lolly

Oh what a journey it has been—and no, I am not Lolly—I am YaYa and my precious granddaughter named me! We have done all of the above except Disneyland and we are going this summer! It is so wonderful seeing how God has answered my prayer. Being a YaYa continues to be a holy privilege.