Occasionally I will be reading and reviewing some of the books we carry at Holy Grounds. Currently I am reading Glory Days, Max Lucado’s new book. It’s based upon the life of Joshua and the triumphs and struggles faced by the Jews as he leads them out of the Wilderness and into the Promised Land. More importantly for us, throughout the book, author Lucado applies the trials and tribulations faced by the Jews, to our everyday life.

What many do not realize is that coming out of the Wilderness, the Jews continued to face challenges and struggles as they gradually moved into the Promised Land. It was not simply handed over to them by the Lord. Their faith was constantly tested before they received the full blessing of the Promised Land. But under the capable and faithful leadership of Joshua (primarily because he depended on the Lord), they came to realize their inheritance (Joshua 24:28).

Glory Days focuses on the the journey and how we can relate through our own struggles and problems of life. So often, we too become so focused on the negative aspect of the struggle that we miss what God is trying to teach us, and the future inheritance he wants us to claim.

One example in Chapter 6 is “remember what God has done”. When you are in the middle of a struggle that seems insurmountable at the time, and you know Satan is attacking and preying on your worst fear and insecurities, remember what God has done for you. “Satan has no recourse to your testimony” as author Lucado puts it. “Your best weapon against his attacks is a good memory. Don’t forget a single blessing.” God will see you through this struggle, and for the better.

Glory Days is Max Lucado at his best, providing insight into how to accomplish God’s best for your life!

In Christ,