by Liz Hendricks

It was a beautiful day in February—73 degrees and sunny. There were so many things I would have loved to do after church, but I am committed to visiting my mom in a memory care home on Sunday afternoons——-so I go out of duty—out of honor—out of guilt!

Many of the residents were gathered in the great room waiting for the music to begin. Each Sunday a dedicated musician comes for an hour and sings hymns. There are books of music passed out by the residents ——(compiled by the residents —in the kind of order one might expect in a memory care facility.)!

I sat there by my mom , who has always had an amazing voice, and kept my finger on the words to help her follow as we sang verse after verse. I was overcome by GRACE, tears poured down my face as I remembered being a child in elementary school in music class. We sang out of song books and I could never understand how to follow along. I read straight down instead of following the first verse down the page and then back to the top for the second verse. I had never sat in church with my mom, and learned how to read the hymnal!

This Sunday, as I sang with her, I felt like I had come full circle. I was like the mom lovingly teaching her child how to read the music. It was a blessing beyond measure. The frustrations of the past melted away and were replaced with gratefulness. God is so good—He is just so good.